Monday, 30 April 2012

Salute 2012

A big thank you to everyone that supported the WW1 Fantasy Game at Salute this month.  We had a lost of interest in the terrain, figures and rules, and managed to get five games in during the day.  As you will see from the photo below, the latest figures for my Fantasy Russian Dwarf project arrived just in time from Griffin Moulds - I had a manic week of getting figures painted up for the game.

I aim to have the rules for the game available for people to download from my rules page in the next few days -as with the previous sets, they will be FREE to download - if you like them that much, feel free to make a small donation to my Justgiving page for The Combat Stress Charity.

I will continue to add to my Fantasy WW1 project, in terms of figures, but with the terrain complete, I can now turn my building focus back to my other "current" projects, namely Vietnam, Aliens and Galactica.