Friday, 2 September 2011

Projects - Progress Update August 2011

Have sent the Masters of Grandad Akky, and The Infiltrator, off to GreyMatter, to get turned into Transitional Resins. Once these are done, I aim to get them cast up, along with a few other sculpts that are currently WIP. There is no better feeling in wargaming terms, than getting a freshly cast up box of minis in the post - still a little way off on these, but nobody said it was going to be a quick lead fix!

Now that various work committments, holidays etc, are out of the way, I should be able to get some more progress made, on both the Galactica Project, and hopefully the Vietnam Terrain Boards.

In an ideal world, i'd like to get some more figures painted up, for both of these projects, plus start on the pile of Star Wars figures i've been hoarding.....and the freshly arrived WW1 Goblins (not a new project as such, but they were shiney, so a must have).

All of this, hopefully before I get distracted by the launch of Battlefield 3, at the end of October.