Monday, 18 April 2011

Salute - The UK's Largest Wargames Show

Last Saturday (16th April) was the UK's largest wargames show - Salute. It was the first outing, for the Battlefield table, and I will be posting plenty of in-game photos shortly, on the Battlefield Project page (which you can access by clicking the icon, on the righthand side of this page).

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Projects - Progress Update March 2011

I managed to get five more buildings painted up during March, for the Battlefield game, for Salute. Slightly less visually exciting, but nevertheless just as important, was finalising the rules - Bad AR:SE - for the game. these rules will be available, free to download, from this blog, after Salute on 16th April - all I would ask is, that you make a small donation to The Combat Stress Charity (via myJustGiving page), if you like them.

I've also sent the transitional masters of the Temptress miniature, along with the generic greens, to Griffin to get a mould made up - hopefully I should have some castings, in the next few weeks, so that I can move on the Galactica/Aliens projects. I was also taken aback, by the number of hits, after my Battlefield project found its way, onto - 28,500 so far, and counting. Clearly most will be online gamers, as opposed to tabletop wargamers, but its always an eyeopener to see how much attention a simple project like this can recieve. Since then, I believe, its also been featured on the official Battlefield Twitter, so no pressure there then.....