Thursday, 16 December 2010

A Small Favour - the TGN Awards

I wouldn't normally ask a favour, but I think you will see the funny side of this request, and it will only take a minute, of your time, to help.
Voting on the TGN Awards is currently underway - the first round finishes on Saturday 18th Dec, and the final 10 in each category, will then go into a final round of voting. A friend, and fellow wargamer, has been sculpted in a goatsuit - its a long running joke - and has been nominated in the Alternative Adventure Miniature category, and lets face it, you don't get much more alternative than a guy in a goat suit!

To vote, you need to register for TGN - I would strongly recommend this anyway, if you aren't already a user, as it provides a useful source of news on all things Wargaming, and in a much more easy to read format, than some more clunky forums.

Literally just submit your email address, and you will be registered as a member, and entitled to vote - you won't get spammed afterwards, either. The details are here - remember to register first - you can vote for up to 3 choices in each category.

If you find the sudden urge to buy a copy of the goatboy miniature, he is now on sale from Hasslefree Miniatures, at:

Thanks again, for your support - your vote could help change the life of a sad lonely wargamer, in a goat suit.