Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Projects for 2011 - Quick Update

Have had a bit of time, over Christmas,to think about the running order for 2011.

Battlefield Bad Company
This is the priority for the first couple of months, as the boards are for Salute in April, and so are time critical. The 8' x 4' table is finished, but I need to complete the buildings. Dependent upon the weather I should be able to get on with other projects at the same time - the freezing temperatures of the last month have meant that i've got no painting/varnishing done, and so the lead pile has been growing steadily.

Aliens vs Predator
I'm keen to get on with the Aliens colony, as soon as possible - two 2'x2' are in progress, but the project stalled partly due to the demands upon the work space for the Battlefield game, and partly as i'm waiting for one last commission to be completed, in order to have a full mould for casting.

Battlestar Galactica
I reckon I can start work on the basic shape of the ship, at the same time as i'm working on the detail for the Aliens boards, as the process is very similar. As with the Aliens project, i'm waiting upon a commission to be completed (again well worth the wait!) before casting up the figures. I should have some Raptor models csat up very shortly, and when they arrive I'll probably start to assemble the production line of resin ships waiting in my games room.

Star Wars
A modest pile of West End Games figures has now "appeared" on my painting table, and will start to be based up, ready for priming over the next month or so.

Still an ongoing project - the painted horde is round about 400 zombies, give or take, but with plenty more to do. Am sorely tempted to add to the Shopping Mall, but realistically this will have to wait a while, given space restrictions.

Has reached a convenient point to pause - I have completed forces for the Yorkist Front, and BUF. I will return to this project later in the year, but I need a break to fresh things up.

Overall then, it should be a busy year, but hopefully I can progress the first 4 of these projects to a significant degree.

Thanks for looking,