Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Some Useful Generic Greens

I recently decided to get some generic-looking minis made up, to use with my personal projects - I've struggled to find unarmed miniatures, amongst existing ranges, that I could use for a whole variety of different purposes, such as zombie games, but also various other genre, including my current Aliens project.
To date, i've commissioned unarmed figures in overalls, off duty soldiers in fatigues, dismounted motorcycle cops, and a plan-looking uniform jacket that could do for anything from a waiter, to a starship crewman.

All of the minis will be cast up on pins, to go with the clear resin bases i'm using for future projects, to make life easier to base up. I'm not going to set up a webshop, or even sell these on ebay - its just a sign of taking my wargamers magpie-like tendencies to a new level....oooh, look shiney shiney....