Friday, 29 October 2010

Quick Update

The terrain boards are finished for the Frothers Battlefield Bad Company 2 game for Salute 2011 - I still need to work on some add-on foliage, trees and the like, and then get cracking on the buildings, but the project is ahead of schedule - more on the link, on the right-hand side of this page.

Its FIASCO this weekend, in Leeds, so i'm running the "Breaching of Complex Alpha" game for Hasslefree Miniatures again, so won't be working on projects this week, but doubtless will find something bright and shiney at the show, to add to my lead pile.

Friday, 22 October 2010

New Project - "Battlestar Galactica"

I've started the planning stages for another new project - Battlestar Galactica - which you can read about, by clicking on the BSG logo, on the right hand side of this page.

Typically, I prefer to have several projects on the go, at any one time - the Battlestar Galactica project is still in what i'd call the "Acquisition" stage, ie i'm hoovering up all of the materials that I could possibly need, and watching as many episodes of the TV series, as possible, to gain what I need to start actually building/painting something up.

Meanwhile, the Battlefield Bad Company project is coming along better than i'd hoped, and the Aliens Project will have some developments in the near future as well.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Some Useful Generic Greens

I recently decided to get some generic-looking minis made up, to use with my personal projects - I've struggled to find unarmed miniatures, amongst existing ranges, that I could use for a whole variety of different purposes, such as zombie games, but also various other genre, including my current Aliens project.
To date, i've commissioned unarmed figures in overalls, off duty soldiers in fatigues, dismounted motorcycle cops, and a plan-looking uniform jacket that could do for anything from a waiter, to a starship crewman.

All of the minis will be cast up on pins, to go with the clear resin bases i'm using for future projects, to make life easier to base up. I'm not going to set up a webshop, or even sell these on ebay - its just a sign of taking my wargamers magpie-like tendencies to a new level....oooh, look shiney shiney....

Monday, 4 October 2010

Breaching Complex Alpha

A good friend and I ran a participation game for Hasslefree Miniatures this weekend at Old Glory, Derby.
The game, set in an underground research facility, featured a number of Hasslefree Adventurers (Painted by Ben Brownlie), Zombies, Aliens and Hazmats (painted by Kev White). The terrain boards were built by Bungle, and the resin terrain pieces came from Antenociti's Workshop, and Fenris Games (who also provided the clear figure bases). The rules used were a modified version of my AR:SE zombies rules - this version is called..."Half AR:SE'd" - I aim to get the rules set up on here to download in the next week or so.
One of the features of the game, was that the Adventurers could "upgrade" their figure mid-game - six by equipping themselves with assault weapons and body armour, and the other two, by undergoing a mutation, to become stronger. When they did so, we replaced the figures, with the equivalent upgraded miniature (which Hasslefree released earlier this year).
All of the games were set against the clock - players had an hour to escape the complex.
Unfortunately this was easier said than done - if the adventurers manage to kill/evade the zombies, and Mawes (dog-like aliens), they still had to face the Mesaan warriors (pictured below).
Shortly after the players entered the complex, several teams of Hazmats follwed them onto the table, to eradicate all life in the complex (including the adventurers).
Over the two days we managed to play 5 games, with a total of 32 players (of which 10 played the hazmats) - 6 managed to escape, with a further 11 still alive when the time ran out, but trapped in the complex. Hopefully the game drummed up some extra interest for Hasslefree, as their customer service, and miniatures are second to none IMHO.
An added bonus, was that the game received a "Highly Commended" from the show organisers.