Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Painful but necessary all the same.

Yes, i've had a clearout in my games room - shock horror!

Like most wargamers, I have the magpie tendency of if its bright and shiny, I "need" it. In the last few weeks i've said goodbye to 20 years worth of wargames magazines - a source of inspiration, but also of frustration in that they took up so much room.

I've also been slowly, but steadily clearing out bits and bobs of unfinished (or even unstarted) projects, to make room for both of my current projects - Aliens & Battlefield Bad Company - both of which you can view by clicking on the relevant logo on the right-hand side of this page.

My aim in future, is to start less projects, but a) make them as good as they can be, and b) actually finish them.

I'll leave it up to others to decide if I succeed in either of these goals.