Thursday, 24 December 2009

(BCW) Conversion - Self-Propelled Gun

A quick and easy to do conversion. I wanted a self-propelled assault gun, for my Yorkist Front forces.
Presenting the Albert Mk I SPG, nicknamed the "Equaliser" by its crews (RIP Edward Woodward).

The hull is a BEF Miniatures Matilda I, with a trimmed down Renegade Miniatures field gun - side armour is plasticard. In keeing with the "charm" of a Very British Civil War, it isn't designed to be a superweapon - its top speed is a leisurely 9mph, and the lack of an enclosed crew section, makes it vulnerable to mortars, and sniper fire!

VBCW Game at Recon

Some photos of the recent VBCW game at Recon (Pudsey, Leeds 5th Dec):

BUF & Royalist forces launched an amphibious assault on the strategically important port of Hull. Anglican League forces, with help from their Yorkist Front allies, and local socialist militia, repulsed the attack.

More photos of the game will appear shortly in the third installment of the VBCW Sourcebook (Part 2.2), which will be available from solway games.

A Scratchbuild - 1/56th (28mm) RN Aircraft Carrier (Part 2)

Multiple projects, a number of shows, and (shock horror) real-life work committments have got in the way of updating my blog more regulalry, so here are some more photos of the carrier.

The central section is lacking the girders in the first photo - it was easier to paint the model first, before adding the final pieces.

First of the complement of aircraft - 4 Brewster Buffalos - they were being tested by the USN in 1938, and were carrier capable, so my force for VBCW were able to "acquire" some. Future models will include some Blackburn Skua divebombers, and hopefully one or two other colourful aircraft from the late 1930's.