Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Frothers (FU-UK) Sculpting Contest 2009 Winners/Runners Up

The following is an extract from the Frothers site - "The winning sculpts from the 2009 FU!UK Pro-Am Sculpting Competition have been moulded and are now available for purchase in the Frothers Unite UK Shop":


"Set 1 (£7 inc P&P) consists of the winning entries:Intensive Care by Filin; Hunter with Axe and Zombie Girl by Sylvain Quirion. "

"Set 2 (£18 inc P&P) consists of 8 figures selected from the runners up: Cosplay Zombie by Vesa Mäkelä; Rising Zombie by Sjoerd Trouwee; Reporter and Cameraman by Andrew Rae; 2 Tank Zombies and a shambler with a snack by Snuurg; and Zombie Raven by Ben "Black Cat Bases" Parker. "

"Or buy the full "Undead Enchilada" set (£25 inc P&P), which includes all the miniatures above plus a bonus figure - a Zombie version of Colonel Marbles sculpted by Sylvain! "

"The figures will be available for TWO MONTHS ONLY, from 3 November 2009 to 2 January 2010. "