Thursday, 16 July 2009

(BCW) The BUF Legion

The BUF was the party of Mosley, who, in the fictional background, for a "Very British Civil War" had risen to become Prime Minister. In addition to elements of the regular army, the Mosley Government controlled its own paramilitary forces, centred around the BUF Legion.

The miniatures i've used, are a mix of Musketeer's BUF Range & Anglian Miniatures' Spanish Civil War Assaultos (the latter has just been acquired by Empress Miniatures).

The plan is to (eventually) build at least a platoon of these guys, as the main opponent for the anti-government Yorkist Front, plus support vehicles.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

War Against The Zombies

As my zombie horde grows and grows, so will my collection of survivors. I've already divided the latter into 4 different groups, reflecting different types of games:

1) Law Enforcement - the first phase of the outbreak. Streetcops & SWAT teams battle to contain a threat that they don't truly understand.

2) Military - the National Guard, or Regular formations are called in, equipped with armoured vehicles, and bristling with guns. As Max Brooks describes in "World War Z", firepower & technology doesn't necessarily guarantee victory.

3) Science - The source of the outbreak, or the last chance for the human race? Biohazard teams capture specimens for testing, and try out new weapon systems to combat the zombie threat. Pictures of some of these already elsewhere in my blog, but there will be more to come.

4) Survivors - can appear on the table alongside any of the other groups, or be all that is left of civilisation.

The following photos are part of my military group - obviously the larger the group becomes, the more zombies I need to balance up the game, and so on....

The green NBC troopers are from TAG, as are the bereted troops (although they have had a head swop from Westwind WWW2 head packs). The bodyguard on the bottom right is from Hasslefree, and the troopers in US Digital camo, and the bike troops are from Eureka.

The Humvees are from TAG (turtlebacks), and Fenris (soft-top pickups). The Strykers are from Company B, the fuel truck is a converted Force of Arms model, and the Abrams are Hobbymaster diecasts (all in 1/56th or similar).

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

(BCW) Scratchbuild - Bofors Gun

I fancied getting a Bofors anti-aircraft gun, for my fledgling 28mm British Civil War force - early models were available from 1937, so it was "in period", and a 40mm gun that could fire up to 120 rounds a minute would be a handy weapon in 1938, when many aircraft were still slow moving biplanes, and even many tanks were lightly armoured.
Only trouble was, to my knowledge no wargames company makes one currently that is suitable for 28mm figures (you can get one in 1/72nd or 1/35th, but i'd ideally need one in 1/56th) - I did find a diecast one in 1/48th, but it was £40, so I decided to have a go at making one myself.

The gun is made from stiff wire, with milliput and plasti card to give the approximate shape of the weapon & mount - I'm not interested in an exact replica, I just wanted something that would like one for the purposes of a wargame.

The wheels were a problem - I didn't have a ready source of suitable resin/metal wheels, so I ended up making them from milliput, and then having to carve/file them to shape - not ideal, but again, good enough for my purposes.

The finished model! Total cost - zero - as all the materials were already in my bits box. I made some extra copies of the actual gun, which may come in handy later on.