Sunday, 21 June 2009

Zombies....(Part 2)

More zombies...what else?

First up, another Horde base - basically a virtually indestructible mass of undead that eats anything in its path. I've been experimenting with the look and feel (and cost) of the horde bases - this is my third effort - the first had 46 minis, and the second had 29 minis. Horde number three has shrunk to a mere 25 miniatures....

A combination of Brigade Games modern civvies, Mississinewa Minaitures, and shock horror.... some of the plastic Wargames Factory zeds. Let's be clear, i'm not a fan of the new WF plastic zeds - I would love for them to be better, but the sad fact is that the saving in monetary terms, IMHO was outweighed by the time it took to clean the mould lines, and assemble them. Even then, the detail was very soft, and the waistlines looked odd to me, so I had to resort to hiding them in the middle of the horde.

Don't get me wrong, i've seen somebody do an excellent paint job on them, painting on detail where little was evident on the mini - equally i've seen someone else go to a lot of time and effort to "dress" them in green stuff. Personally, I wanted A LOT of zombies that I could get on the table as quickly as possible, but these aren't the answer for me.

Costwise the WF zeds worked out only marginally cheaper than either the Mississinewa, or Brigade Games metal zombies, both of which required much less time to get ready for painting.

Next up....well, it had to be a undead guy in a chickensuit. There are a couple around, but my favourite is from Studio Miniatures: