Saturday, 9 May 2009

Brother against Brother (BCW)

The advantage of a fictional "period" like A Very British Civil War, is that you can do what you want. As part of the force i'm building, for the Yorkist Front, I decided to paint some personality figures.

First up, is General Sir Stanley Birch (Ret), a fictional hero from the First World War, that has assumed command of the forces defending York. The miniature was sculpted by Paul Hicks, for a charity auction (I believe that it actually depicts a Captain of the Gloucesters), but with a different paint job, was ideal IMHO, for the purpose I had in mind.

The rumoured political head of the Yorkist Front, is none other than Prince Albert, brother of King Edward. In real life, Albert, became King upon Edwards abdication, and assumed the name of George. Prior to becoming King, his titles also included Duke of York, and honourary Colonel-in-Chief of the Duke of Yorks Own Regt (DOYOR) which forms the core of my fictional Yorkist Front. The mini that he based upon is a Musketeer Miniatures RIC officer, the head is from Gripping Beast, and the pipe hand is from Hasslefree's Professor Baker.