Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Zombie Science

Along with my neverending quest for more zombies, i'm also building a unit of Scientists/Military - are they the source of the zombies,or testing weapons to use against them? Either way, its just an excuse to buy more minis.

(Above: Hasslefree Miniatures. Below: Conversions from Eureka Soviets)

I've also been experimenting with making BioHazard Tents/Vehicles, from a mix of plasticard, Foamboard, and a diecast vehicle (control units are from Copplestone).

The Truck is designed to act as both a Mobile Command Centre & a Lab, for test subjects (i'm a fan of the Resident Evil films).

A sign that i'm getting a tad carried away with this project, is the installation of lights inside the truck (taken from a light pen).

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