Thursday, 2 April 2009

(WIP) Shopping Mall

Another project that is ongoing, is the Shopping Mall.

I wanted something that would compliment my 28mm zombie/survivor project, but would also be suitable for a Modern SWAT-type game. It is based upon 2 foot square MDF base boards, making the units interchangable. Different modules will eventually be connected by a separate skywalk, and second floor units will be added around the edge of each module, creating a stadium "bowl" type of feel to the table.

The boards need to be fairly sturdy, so the outer walls, and a few key walls are 6mm MDF, the remainder will be a mix of foamboard, or plasticard. The entrance ways are bordered by H-girders to allow different doors to be slotted in (such as damaged versions).

The first module (pictured above) contains a Bar/Restaurant, a flight of stairs which will connect to the upper levels/skywalk, and the toilets. The furniture items are a mix of Frontline, and Plastic items from 4D Models.

As you will see, this project has evolved over time - i didn't start with a fixed plan of what the units would eventually look like, just a basic set of themes. I decided to add in a walkway, cutting across the module itself, built from 6mm MDF.

The second unit follows a different pattern - i've incorporated a set of air conditioning vents around the top of the unit, along with a skywalk along 2 sides. There is also a set of stairs, representing a maintenance area, that leads up to the skywalk. This unit also has a side door, on a bar hinge (below) which if not secured by the occupants would give zombies access to not only this module, but via the stairwell & skywalk, other units as well.

Just like my other projects, i imagine that this is one that will grow over time.