Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A Very British Civil War

Another project!

A Very British Civil War, is set in 1938 - its based upon a "what if" - a constitutional crisis caused by King Edward VII refusing to abdicate, and the then Prime Minister carrying out his threat to resign. King Edward turns to Mosley, to form a government, and then all hell breaks loose, with assassination attempts, riots, and then outright civil war on the streets of Britain.

The charm of this new "period", is that there is no right or wrong way to do things - no army lists, no standard set of rules for the rules lawyers to fight over. Various different factions sprout up, along polictical, religious or even geographical lines, leading to some strange units.

My own force will be based around the defenders of the City of York - the local garrison, centred around the Duke of York's Own Regiment (DOYOR) have rebelled against the King, in favour of his brother, Prince Albert (who in real life was to become King George, upon King Edward's abdication). Prince Albert also happened to hold the title of Duke of York, and be Colonel in Chief of the DOYOR, in real-life.

First up will be some Regulars, wearing the old WW1 uniform (the 1937 pattern uniform was still being phased in) - the examples below are from Musketeer Miniatures.

I'm also building some "irregular" forces, the first of which is a volunteer unit, made up of local gentry - "The League Of Ordinary Patriotic Yorkshiremen" (LOOPY)....

The first 4 figures (above) are a mix of Foundry & Copplestone explorers, with a minor conversion, trimming down a pith helmet to make a flat cap!