Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A Very British Civil War

Another project!

A Very British Civil War, is set in 1938 - its based upon a "what if" - a constitutional crisis caused by King Edward VII refusing to abdicate, and the then Prime Minister carrying out his threat to resign. King Edward turns to Mosley, to form a government, and then all hell breaks loose, with assassination attempts, riots, and then outright civil war on the streets of Britain.

The charm of this new "period", is that there is no right or wrong way to do things - no army lists, no standard set of rules for the rules lawyers to fight over. Various different factions sprout up, along polictical, religious or even geographical lines, leading to some strange units.

My own force will be based around the defenders of the City of York - the local garrison, centred around the Duke of York's Own Regiment (DOYOR) have rebelled against the King, in favour of his brother, Prince Albert (who in real life was to become King George, upon King Edward's abdication). Prince Albert also happened to hold the title of Duke of York, and be Colonel in Chief of the DOYOR, in real-life.

First up will be some Regulars, wearing the old WW1 uniform (the 1937 pattern uniform was still being phased in) - the examples below are from Musketeer Miniatures.

I'm also building some "irregular" forces, the first of which is a volunteer unit, made up of local gentry - "The League Of Ordinary Patriotic Yorkshiremen" (LOOPY)....

The first 4 figures (above) are a mix of Foundry & Copplestone explorers, with a minor conversion, trimming down a pith helmet to make a flat cap!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

(WIP) Shopping Mall

Another project that is ongoing, is the Shopping Mall.

I wanted something that would compliment my 28mm zombie/survivor project, but would also be suitable for a Modern SWAT-type game. It is based upon 2 foot square MDF base boards, making the units interchangable. Different modules will eventually be connected by a separate skywalk, and second floor units will be added around the edge of each module, creating a stadium "bowl" type of feel to the table.

The boards need to be fairly sturdy, so the outer walls, and a few key walls are 6mm MDF, the remainder will be a mix of foamboard, or plasticard. The entrance ways are bordered by H-girders to allow different doors to be slotted in (such as damaged versions).

The first module (pictured above) contains a Bar/Restaurant, a flight of stairs which will connect to the upper levels/skywalk, and the toilets. The furniture items are a mix of Frontline, and Plastic items from 4D Models.

As you will see, this project has evolved over time - i didn't start with a fixed plan of what the units would eventually look like, just a basic set of themes. I decided to add in a walkway, cutting across the module itself, built from 6mm MDF.

The second unit follows a different pattern - i've incorporated a set of air conditioning vents around the top of the unit, along with a skywalk along 2 sides. There is also a set of stairs, representing a maintenance area, that leads up to the skywalk. This unit also has a side door, on a bar hinge (below) which if not secured by the occupants would give zombies access to not only this module, but via the stairwell & skywalk, other units as well.

Just like my other projects, i imagine that this is one that will grow over time.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Zombie Science

Along with my neverending quest for more zombies, i'm also building a unit of Scientists/Military - are they the source of the zombies,or testing weapons to use against them? Either way, its just an excuse to buy more minis.

(Above: Hasslefree Miniatures. Below: Conversions from Eureka Soviets)

I've also been experimenting with making BioHazard Tents/Vehicles, from a mix of plasticard, Foamboard, and a diecast vehicle (control units are from Copplestone).

The Truck is designed to act as both a Mobile Command Centre & a Lab, for test subjects (i'm a fan of the Resident Evil films).

A sign that i'm getting a tad carried away with this project, is the installation of lights inside the truck (taken from a light pen).

Frothers (FU-UK) Sculpting Contest 2009

The Frothers 5th Sculpting Contest has just been launched - the closing date for entries is 31st May 2009.

Full details can be found by clicking the link below:

The judges will be looking for figures that could be used to recreate the modern zombie horror flicks on a gaming table. Shambling deaders or fast moving corpses, its all good.
Survivors of the zombie apocalypse too, either hiding, fleeing in terror or tooled up to fight the undead menace. And the zombies don't have to be human either - zombie dogs can be great fun, or zombie rabbits (they'll do you a treat)....

So as not to limit the sculptor's creativity, specific categories haven't been set in advance. You can enter as many different figures as you want - Professional and amateur may both enter.