Tuesday, 31 March 2009

First Blog

31st March 2009

Being a more than a little bit of a technophobe, i've resisted all attempts to start a blog in the past.

So why start one now?

My main past time is miniature wargaming - for want of a better phrase, collecting, painting, and yes, playing with "toy soldiers".

I spend ages posting on various discussions about ongoing projects. Some of these, i will continue with, but my aim in starting a blog, is to frankly cut down on the amount of time i spend crossposting in different boards....guess i will find out, soon enough, whether i am deluding myself with this one.

Ultimately, if i spend less time posting on half a dozen different forums, i should have more time to paint miniatures, and who knows, maybe even get a game or two in (who am i trying to kid)?